Wednesday, August 5, 2009

PW's and Pastor Ryan's Chicken Tikka Masala

You've probably seen this posted at The Pioneer Woman Cooks, when she had their friend, Pastor Ryan come over and make them dinner. This is what he made. (go check it out for step by step photos!)

Well when I saw it and read through the comments, I knew I had to at least give it a try. A lot of people said it was better than what they get at a Restaurant. We have never had Indian cuisine before (I don't think British Curry Chips count do they?), and I know Mr. would never be willing to try it at a Restaurant.

So this would be the only way, is if I made it. I do know that Indian cuisine is flavorful so I was worried about how my family would like it.

I happened to find at my local Henry's Market, Garam Masala in the bulk spices (actually a Twitter pal mentioned I might find it in bulk). So instead of paying $6+ for a bottle of it at the grocery store (and not knowing if we'd like it), I was able to buy the 3 TBL what I needed for less than .40 from bulk! I smelled it from the jar to get an idea of it's flavors, and I detected cinnamon and other warm scents. I was a little iffy about meats tasting like those flavors, but I carried on! I wanted to venture out of our norm and try new dishes!

So, the recipe is really easy to do, it's just it took me forever (see I enjoy being in the kitchen-haha)! I also decided to make a curry garlic Naan. It was 3 hours from start to finish! It's a good thing I do not run a Restaurant! lol

I followed everything as Pastor Ryan suggested, leaving out the heat components of course. I was already worried about the flavors, I didn't want it to be to spicy for everyone too! As I was cooking down the sauce, they kept coming into the kitchen and I would ask, "Does it smell good in here? Do you like it?" Trying to get them excited about it. The rice was simple too, it just makes a load, so you might want to use half the recipe? It was very flavorful with the Turmeric added, and pretty too! Then I let them watch me cook the Naan. That was neat (another post).

So the verdict is, it was good, but not our favorite, they're just different flavors than we're used to. The little kids didn't care for the Tikka Masala much, but ate some of the Naan. Mr. kinda shrugged his shoulders about it, but ate a second helping, plus more Naan dipped in the sauce! I thought it was ok too, I loved the Naan and sauce also. I ate leftovers for a couple of days!

We had lots of leftovers so I had some for lunch the next day, and wouldn't you know it...little boy wanted mine! So I gave him a plate too, and he ate it! Maybe it was better the next day!

I'm glad I made it, and I wish I could compare it but I have nothing to compare it too. I might make this dish again, but I'd also love to try other Indian cuisine. Definitely making more Naan though!

Anyone have any Faves for a newbie to try out?


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2 Lovely Comments:

TasteHongKong said...

I haven't yet checked out the step-by-step directions, but looks like the rice are nicely wrapped with curry powder (and ground turmeric?).

Also thanks for your comments.

camille said...

Tikka Masala is good. If your family doesn't like "flavourful" (do they prefer bland? geez!), they are the ones missing out!

I made a butter chicken recipe from a book that doesn't have an author, aaaages ago before I had a foodblog, so I don't have photos, but it was pretty easy and delicious. But maybe look up some butter chicken recipes if you want another Indian recipe you can try out on your family?

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