Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Yoplait Gift Pack Winner Is....

#6 Tina @ Mommy's Kitchen!

You won this prize pack! Watch your email and reply asap! Congrats!!

*I am having more issues with my 'puter. I had to download AVG anti virus and update my Java. Now I can't get my javascript to work (yes it is enabled) and I can't do anything on sites such as Facebook or log into blogger (the SIGN IN button isn't there)! I wonder if AVG is blocking something, and how can I fix it especially when most of the buttons won't show up? I'll use the laptop when I can, but that just means no new posts until I get it figured out. *sigh* If there's any puter savvy tech out there, please email me with some solutions! help! thank you! Ldylvbgr AT

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Mommy's Kitchen said...

How exciting thank you so much. I thought those popsicle molds were awesome. I have replied to your email and sent my addy thanks so much for hosting the giveaway Rachelle!!

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