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Review and Giveaway -CLOSED-: $30 Gift Card for Kroger's Mega Savings Event

From Mommy I'm Hungry

Now let first say kids checked the mail for me during the Summer time, so I had some mail I never paid attention to. Days kept going by and I never save my $30 Kroger Gift Card! So I finally thought I wasn't getting one. Then out of the blue, on Friday, I grabbed a random envelope from a pile and it was from MyBlogSpark!! It was my gift card!! It had been here all along! So needless to say I caught the last week of the The Mega Savings Event at Kroger/Ralph's! Bummer! However (read on below...)

Are you a bargain shopper? Can you get a cart full of groceries out the store for half of what's in your wallet? Maybe you clip coupons and run from store to store to get great deals? Me, I am not like that. Tried it before but it's too much anxiety for me, lol. Too time consuming to clip all the coupons, find the sales, ads, running from store to I just shop sales looking for the best deal on the spot and will even buy store brand on some items to help us save.

The Mega Savings Event is taking place at the Kroger Co., Family of Stores Aug. 16th thru Sept. 2nd - Click here to see a list of participating stores (You should also see your stores or website for exact dates since the special sales dates may vary by area). Look for the double yellow (or blue) tags in-store.

Their deal was when you buy 10 participating brands in ad for that week, and use your Shopper Card, you automatically save $5! There is not limit on the number or rewards you can get per transaction.

MP Energy
Betty Crocker Baking Mixes
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Cascadian Farms Cereals and Bars
Cap'n Crunch
Chex Mix
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cocoa Puffs
Dole Juices and Juice Drinks
Fiber One
Golden Grahams
Green Giant
Hamburger Helper
Lipton Tea
Nature Valley
Old El Paso
Pepsi family of 2 Liters
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Quaker Chewy Bar
Sobe Life Water
and MORE!

So, after figuring out a list with coupons and all, here is what I got with my $30 gift card plus $2.13 out of pocket. All the red items above is what I bought and on sale. Most things were $2.49 ea. on sale, plus I had coupons. PLUS! Most items have box tops, for my kid's schools! Yay!

From Mommy I'm Hungry

I went to my Ralph's website and through them ( and was able to download additional coupons into my store's savings card! Plus I printed off coupons from! Plus Ralph's will double coupons up to a $1. Now I find it confusing reading the receipt, so I'm not sure if it let me use the coupons I had double for with my store card and paper coupon. I hoped they wouldn't know. haha.

So after I already made my list and hoped I was getting the "buy 10 save $5" deal...I realized it was only for items in ad for that week only! Of course nothing I had on my list was in ad this week! Darn it!! So I messed up savings there. Then I had to take my 2 little ones with me, so it wasn't a real organized shopping trip or I could ve rethought my sales with the B10S5 deal, I just grabbed what was on my list and tried to keep it separate from my regular shopping! Oh well, I still did good having coupons! If only I had found my card sooner, maybe I could've done much better! lol

From Mommy I'm Hungry

So I get to give away a $30 Kroger Gift Card to one lucky reader!! I am SO sorry you will miss this "buy 10 save $5" deal, but'll be $30 worth of free groceries for you! So if you have a store near you, or know someone who does and you'd like to send it to them, you can enter to win! Look here for Kroger locations. (please note, you do not have to buy just Kroger brand items or items in the list above, you just have to use the card at a Kroger store)

*ENTER TO WIN: Just answer me these:
Do you like to save while grocery shopping?
Are you a big couponer bargain shopper? If so, tell me your biggest deal!
don't forget your email!

*BONUS: Optional, earn up to 4 more entries by showing some "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" bloggie luv with #1 and #2 below! Please post yourself the extra comments for entries.

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This Giveaway ends soon: 7 pm pst Wednesday, September 2, 2009.
Please read the fine print:
-Open to all USA residents
(due to shopping/shipping)
-You must leave me your email so I can contact you if you've won

-Winner(s) will be posted on my Blog & Twitter
-I will choose my winner(s) using

Don't forget to follow along so you don't miss new and exciting things!

We received these gift cards from General Mills, Pepsi Co and MyBlogSpark! Thank you!

sorry this formated so goofy!

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Peter Schott said...

1. Generally speaking, saving is a good thing. :)
2. I'm not a big couponer, but my wife does a pretty good job with the sales and coupons when she wants to; not as good as the "pros", but still saving 30-50 on things we were going to buy anyway.


Do you like to save while grocery shopping? You bet I do. I buy the sunday paper and make sure I cut all the coupons even if I don't need it that week.
Are you a big couponer bargain shopper? YES, these days money is tight so being a bargain shopper is key. I take my coupons to the stores that double them up. I once got something almost free because they doubled the coupon and got $2.00 off a $3.00 item.

enter me: styleezta at gmail dot com

thanks for this giveaway!


just tweeted here:

email: styleezta at gmail dot com



why sure i like saving while shopping (drives dh crazy) but we are on a fixed income soooo. best bargin i ever made. hmmm, sorry but i honestly don't remember.

i go thru my coupons and decide which a will and not use, the not used i put in that section knowing someone else can use it.



throuthehaze said...

i love to save while shopping. i try to buy sale items. i occasionally use coupons but not often
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Amy said...

I Love Saving money, of course! And I love shopping at Kroger for their Mega Savings Events. I clip coupons and shop the sale items. My biggest savings as far as I can remember is about 60% off my total bill.

Amy said...

(Entry #2 for Tweeting)

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE coupon shopper and love finding a deal. My best was last week with a Meijer trip. I saved $81 off $115 and got a $5 catalina to boot. :-)

Julie said...

I love to shop sales,etc.I find it fun.I use coupons not all the time. They had school supplies at Meijers in July.I bought tons of crayons, folder, pens, tablets,etc. I saved over 50.00 in school supplies alone .

Leslie M. said...

I LOVE to save when I go KROGERING! The most i have saved was $140 buckeroos!! YUP... everyone was Amazed! I am the coupon Princess!
I cut coupons, double 'em, combine with store values, etc!!!
YAY me!
Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!

Leslie M. said...

#1 LeslieVeg left a Tweet


Leslie M. said...

#2 LeslieVeg left a Tweet


cpullum said...

I am a huge saver and coupons are my family! I have a coupon for everything even out to eat! I use them when ever I can! My daughter says not the coupon box! She is a teenager and she hates to see me carrying around my coupon box! but hey we save money and go to theme parks on the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I use to be a huge coupon cutter. I don't get the paper delivered anymore.I have a folder in the car with every kind of coupon in it. Out to dinner, Bed Bath and Beyond, Beauty Store. There are just some places you can't shop without a coupon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes. I like to save money while shopping. LOL. My average savings at Kroger is 31%. (hubs likes to put additional items not on the list in the cart :)
And I definitely shop with coupons. (I learned how from my Mom. Thanks Mom!) Best bargains, hmm.. I get a shoppers high when I discover free (or almost free) toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, shampoo, canned items, and rice.
o z n m o b i l e [at] y! [dot] com (no spaces)

TXsunlover said...

Yes! I love saving money at the grocery store! My biggest deal lately was the Kellogg's rebate. I got all of the required products during Kroger's Double Dollar coupon day for extra savings and I have mailed the form for my $10 rebate which makes the deal a money maker!
Thanks for the chance to win!
proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

tracey said...

love to save money, can't imagine not shopping with coupons. last week best ever at 53%

Jeff said...

Do you like to save while grocery shopping?

Are you a big couponer bargain shopper?
I wouldnt say i was big... but consistent... Always trying to find the best deals! Best deal is still free Cottonelle toilet paper at Kroger!
jeffintennessee at gmail dot com

I tweeted about this giveaway on my twitter

Anonymous said...

1. Of course!
2. I try to only buy items with coupons. However, one time I was in a hurry and decided to not use coupons. I was buying a lot of produce and things like that. I spent for 2-3 meals what I would have spent for the entire week! :-( Won't ever do that again!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And Tweeted #2:

Muum said...

my latest deal was the cereals and Sobe at Smith's/Kroger stores. Yep, I use those coupons, and would love a $30 gift card. :)
my email:

Charity said...

Yes, I love to save while shopping. Biggest deal was getting cereal for $1.00.(name brand)


charisscharity at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I actually do like shopping, and I love finding great deals! Especially on groceries, because sometimes with bills, having extra cash to spend on food can be tough. I love Kroger it is right down the road from home, and I always shop there. Coupons especially help! :) I can see that you know how to find good deals also!

Thanks for the helpful giveaway!
shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I tweeted: Entry 1

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Jennai said...

I think I still made it in time....
I love bargains! I use coupons and match them against store sales. I usually manage to save about 40% of my bill if I try really hard! My favorite savings is when the item is B1G1F and the second item is almost free with a coupon!
HobartsMama at AOL.COM

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