Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Split Level Pudding

From Mommy I'm Hungry

Garrett of Flavor of Vanilla picked Split Level Pudding for our TWD this week! I remember just before I joined TWD I made her chocolate pudding for another blog event, and loved it so much I knew I had to give this a try too. This recipe has a layer of chocolate ganache hidden at the bottom, and some yummy vanilla pudding for the top layer. I found this pretty easy to make, you kind of have to work fast and transfer the hot liquids back and forth from the food processor to the pan...but I remember that from before. You will want to make sure your food processor has a large capacity because the hot liquid will expand and probably leak out, like it did me. It all came together great and was done in no time! The ganache made just enough for a small layer for 5 cups. I made this at night so it can sit in the fridge over night until lunch time the next day.

As I was doing the photos for this, I found the saran wrap you place on top to cover it, left some not so pretty marks on the pudding. *sigh. Then as I took a scoop out to show the layers, I couldn't find the ganache! So, I had to keep eating and scooping it until I could get some for a photo, haha!! Then I forgot the chocolate shavings for a garnish, oh well! This was pretty good though, and my only complaint is, wondering why the ganache turned a little gritty? I think I would've liked this with a chocolate pudding layer instead.

If you would like to give this whirl, head over to Garrett's blog, he's got the recipe posted for you!

Next week's TWD: Allspice Muffins!

From Mommy I'm Hungry


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3 Lovely Comments:

Chrystina said...

OOOH!! I have always wanted to just say the word ganache in a sentence and now I can actually attempt to make it! Awesome! I can not wait to eat my results! And you made this possible~ THANKS RACHELLE! It looks divine and seriously yummy.

On a side note:
What brand food processor do you use? Do you like it? I am borrowing some ones to try this recipe but think it is time to invest in one of my own. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR THE KITCHEN IDIOT? As always~ Thanks!! I owe you!

Fearless Kitchen said...

I would probably have preferred a chocolate pudding layer myself, but this looks really delicious anyway. Nice job!

Melody said...

This looks great! It is like a nice little chocolate surprise!

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