Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soft Wrap Bread

I recently found another great food blog, Your Homebased Mom, and she posted about some wonderful soft wrap bread that she found at My Kitchen Cafe. This would be great for sandwiches, but I just ripped it up in pieces for some Hummus I bought, which remind me, to find a homemade recipe I'll like! Do you have one? I have only ever tasted Hummus (store bought) twice and I really disliked it, it's like they added too much lemon juice.

These reminded me of the yummy Naan I made a while ago. I used my cast iron tortilla pan to cook these. I had a hard time because the pan got too hot then not hot enough it was taking forever. Some got over done. Ahh well. Everyone liked them anyways.


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NikiTheo said...

I love flat breads of all sorts, pitas, nann, tortilla! I always prefer that to sliced bread or rolls for sandwiches; they're more fun! And yours look delicious!
Well, except for the pretzel roll. I will will eat anything on a pretzel roll...

Grammy Blick said...

A friend of mine did have a great hummus recipe. She spent quite a bit of time in the middle east and her recipes were awesome. I'll check my records, and write her if not found. Will go well with your bread!

Jules Someone said...

I use my electric skillet to make naan. It's great because it generally holds temperature.

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