Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stuffed Pasta Shells

This recipe comes from here, those recipe cards I loved as a newlywed. This time I added my own touch to the recipe by adding in some garlic, diced onion, handful of thawed frozen spinach, pepper and nutmeg as well. I also doubled this, and it gave us lots (9x13 pan full). These are a great freezer item as well! Just prepare shells and freeze before the baking step. You can print a copy of the cards (right click it) from the site, so I'll just list the ingredients here.

These were great, I was worried my family would complain about the "green stuff" but they never even asked and never even knew it was spinach! haha

spaghetti sauce ( I used crushed tomatoes w/basil + garlic)
basil or parsley (I used both)
jumbo pasta shells (I cooked the whole box)
ricotta cheese
mozzarella cheese
egg whites
green onion
parmesan cheese

these are my additions, I just eyeballed it, "just a little bit of..."
-crushed garlic
-diced onion
-handful thawed frozen spinach, squeezed out


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3 Lovely Comments:

Leslie M. said...

YUMMY.. I am starving sick and I want comfort Food Rachelle! Your are such a good cook!!! OMGOSH this looks amazing!! Thank Goodness I am not a jealous person! I am soooo drooling! Is there NOTHING YOU CANNOT cook friend?
send me some. PLEASE ;)
Love you!

Mary said...

Gosh that looks just delicious, I'm drooling over here! Beautiful photos too.

NikiTheo said...

YUM! I love stuffed peppers. I have a blast making them too. And I always use frozen thawed out spinach in the mix too, it's delicious!

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