Saturday, February 6, 2010

BBQ Ranch Chicken Club Wraps at the Monster Jam!

These are a little something I came up with, to take to the Monster Jam truck show the other weekend, we were so lucky that our winter rain storm we had then had stopped for that weekend! Since it's an all day event we would need lunch and dinner unless you want to pay top dollar for a hot dog! I made these up to eat as dinner, but I must warn you, they became soggy after sitting wrapped up all day *bummed!*. SO, make these and serve within an hour or two. Since it's basically a sandwich rolled up, I didn't use any measurements, just eyeball it to what you like. These would be great for sitting at home watching the big game too!

some of our photos: Grave Digger w/driver Pablo

BBQ Ranch Chicken Club Wraps

seasoned chicken breast, cooked, sliced
bacon, cooked, diced
lettuce, cut or shredded (I used a bagged salad mix)
tomatoes, diced
avocados, mashed
shredded cheese
ranch dressing
BBQ sauce
10"-12" tortillas

Combine ranch dressing with a little BBQ sauce, to taste. Spread a little on a tortilla, then layer on the mashed avacado, lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, drizzle with extra sauce if desired. Carefully roll up tortilla, slice in half and serve.

more of our photos:

A full house for SD!


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HoneyB said...

Looks like FUN and a very yummy sandwich. I am not one to make sandwiches too often, but this one I think I need to try. Would be a great lunch for work.

Helene said...

I would be full after eating one of those. I like the addiction of bacon.

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