Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Favorite Chip Dip

See what happens when you watch food history shows, the other day Mr. was watching some channel and they were talking about chips and dip. Of course this came to mind and I craved it since!

My Dad used to make this dip, so this is where I got it from. It's not really even a recipe, it's just 2 things thrown together, easy!! It's just equal parts mixed together! Feel free to use the lite versions of ingredients too.
I HAVE to eat this with plain old Ruffles chips, nothing else (ok maybe sometimes Doritos). I love it and so do the kids (Mr. won't touch cottage cheese)!

Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream Dip
16 oz Cottage cheese
16 oz Sour cream (this time I used a sour cream with chives)

Combine together and serve with chips.


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