Friday, April 2, 2010

Jaden's Ground Beef with Beijing Sauce

A while ago when Shelby at Grumpy's Honeybunch posted about Jaden of Steamy Kitchen's Ground Beef with Beijing Sauce Over Noodles on Facebook, I knew it was going to be eaten here very soon! I read recently that black bean sauce is a must to have when cooking Asian foods, so I was excited to get to try it for the first time in her dish. I found some black bean sauce with garlic (on sale too!), but it had a few whole beans in it, but that's ok.

I went to two different stores looking for the baby corn, but they were either out or didn't carry them! I was bummed just as much as the kids were, so I used frozen peas, carrots and regular corn for ours. I also just used red pepper flakes, adding more to my plate.

My photo looks nothing as delicious as Jaden's does, but it sure tasted great and the sauce is good! I think next time I'll use some sliced steak instead of ground beef, and stock pile baby corn when I see it so I can add that. I may also double the sauce too, to have more to drizzle on the pasta. I served this over angel hair pasta.

(*update- do you know I left the food sitting out to cool off before I put it in the fridge, only to wake up to find it still sitting on the counter all night! waaaah! No leftovers to eat!)

Anyways, go check out her recipe, you might just like it too!


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Grumpy & HoneyB said...

SOOO Yummy. Double sauce is a GOOD thing! :) I think you can use almost any meat in this! Such a bummer it was left out on the counter. I would have cried. (and I have done the same thing so your not alone!). This has been on our table 3 times since I first made it only a few weeks ago!

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