Monday, May 24, 2010

Review and Giveaway: Zippity Doo's Children Hair Care Products

With all the love and joy that we experience from being Moms, comes many tasks that can only be described as "icky". We wipe noses, change soiled diapers and clean up accidents left and right- all in the name of love. There is one situation that continues to strike fear in the hearts of even the toughest moms, and it involves a comb and creepy crawlies. We're talking of course, about head lice. Thank goodness neither of my girls have ever had lice (yet! knock on wood)! I remember as a kid getting them a couple times, and I had to have my head washed with this disgusting smelling shampoo that came in a brown glass bottle. I sure wish we had these products back then!

Any mom who has had the pleasure of picking insects out of her little one's hair knows that it's not a fun experience for anyone involved. That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to a line of products that will protect your child (and your sanity) from this very problem.

Moms, meet Zippity Doo's™, a line of children's hair care products that help prevent head lice. Zippity Doo's™products contain natural ingredients that are mild enough for daily use and provide health benefits to the hair and scalp while helping to prevent lice infestation. They are also paraben-free! From shampoo and conditioner to styling gel, as well as a shield spray for all surfaces, Zippity Doo's has created an entire hair care regimen that will leave your child's hair clean, healthy and shiny.

Because their brand is all about Moms, Zippity Doo's wants to get their products into the hands of influential moms- like you! We were sent a full size bottle of these 4 products (gosh they all smell great, so my kids will be protected and smelling nice!):

-Zippity Doo's Shampoo for Children
-Zippity Doo's Conditioner for Children
-Zippity Doo's Styling Gel for Children
-Zippity Doo's Shield Spray for children

And while Zippity Doo's products are designed for the prevention of head lice, they don't want to prevent you from spreading the word!
We're confident that using Zippity Doo's will give you great peace of mind, knowing that you are preventing head lice and reducing the need for harsh treatments.

Check them out on Facebook and on Twitter too! You can also save $2 on every Zippity Doo's product in your cart on by using the promo code "zippity" !
Or you can enter here for a chance to win some!

ONE "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" reader will win a box of Zippity Doo's products for your kiddos too!*

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All you have to do is tell me your story of the dreaded lice! Have you had to deal with it before? Let me know!

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18 Lovely Comments:

April V said...

I haven't yet had to deal with lice *knock on wood* and hope never to have to, but would love to use any products that help prevent it!

Jennifer said...

I tweeted #2: jk{dot}gorcery{at}gmail{dot}com

Jennifer said...

I tweeted #1: jk{dot}gorcery{at}gmail{dot}com

Jennifer said...

I follow you on Twitter (@jkgorcery) jk{dot}gorcery{at}gmail{dot}com

Jennifer said...

My story is I am THANKFULL I have NEVER had to deal with lice ever!!! jk{dot}gorcery{at}gmail{dot}com

Mindi said...

My kids are 4 and 1! So far I haven't had to deal with the dreaded lice, thank goodness! But I did have to deal with it one time when I was a kid!

Mindi said...

I am following you on Twitter! (mae_01_sw)

Mindi said...

Posted this giveaway on Facebook!!/profile.php?id=1356812615

Mindi said...

Tweeted about this giveaway! (mae_01_sw)

♥Heather♥ said...

I haven't had to deal with lice, with my kids. I however, got lice when I was younger at church camp. They sent me home and it took my mom forever to get out of my hair!

♥Heather♥ said...

I follow you on twitter. I am @hell_0kitty

Mia cupcake said...

I have such a problem with my boy and lice....especially during baseball season. His hair is so gorgeous and thick that it's almost impossible to get out, so we have to shave his head. :(

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