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Review: Strauss Free Raised Veal products

Strauss Free Raised® veal truly is a revolution in the veal category. This all natural, antibiotic- and hormone-free veal contradicts the stereotypes of typical, confinement raised veal with which most consumers are familiar. Free Raised® veal calves are raised by independent American family farmers according to authentic old-world pasture raising techniques. Our humanely raised veal is “cruelty free,” providing conscientious consumers with a nutritious, delicious and guilt-free way to enjoy veal again.

Strauss Free Raised proudly meets 9 USDA approved label claims, including the fact that their veal calves are:
· Free to Roam – on open pastures alongside mother and herd
· Never tethered or raised in confinement and unlimited access to mother’s milk
· Never administered growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products
· Agriculturally sustainable & environmentally friendly

The Strauss family is a compassionate leader in the veal industry. Randy and Tim Strauss (brothers and co-presidents) run a third generation company started by their grandfather. The concept of Free Raised® veal was inspired by the work of Diane Strauss, Randy’s wife, many years ago as she encouraged the family to lead a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. Soon, Randy and Tim wanted the same for their company as well.

Free Raised® veal was eventually realized after years of research and hard work. To achieve their goals, the family had to go back to the beginning, and reintroduce authentic pasture raising – calves in the pasture, alongside their mothers and the herd -- just as veal calves were raised for centuries, before the advent of industrialized agriculture.

Their authentic pasture raising methods allow calves unlimited access to mother’s milk and to consume natural amounts of dietary iron – which is what produces Free Raised® veal’s rich, signature color. This all natural diet and heritage breeding also produces veal that is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol than a boneless, skinless chicken breast, check out the nutrition facts!
Today, consumers from Los Angeles to Atlanta can purchase Free Raised® veal at select Whole Foods® market locations, as well as online at For a retailer near you, click here.

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We were sent a box from the kind and generous people of Strauss Free Raised veal products for review. A sampling of their products included:
· 1 Strauss Free Raised® veal Chop
· 1 Strauss Free Raised® veal Shank (for Osso Buco)
· 2 Strauss Free Raised® veal Scalopini slices
· 1 lb. Strauss Free Raised® ground veal
· 1 package Strauss Free Raised® veal hot dogs

I used the ground veal in this lasagna with Italian sausage as well. I really like how the veal made this lasagna taste, I can't explain it, but I could tell a difference between the veal and regular ground beef I use. Delish!

For Memorial Day, I grilled us up the veal hot dogs and the veal chop along with some sides of potato salad, BBQ pasta salad (my fave!) and beans, this was great! The hot dogs grilled up nice and plump and tasted great! They had a great little snap to them when bitten too.

What I really liked about these veal hot dogs are they have no added hormones or
antibiotics, they are uncured, MSG free and gluten free!

Another time I will make the scallopini and Osso Buco. I love that the products come vacuumed sealed, so they'll be safe in the freezer from freezer burn. Watch for those to be blogged in the coming weeks. Stop by and check out their recipes too.

Mmm, look at that chop!

This veal chop was simply oiled, and seasoned with an Italian mix Grinder, grilled for 7 moniutes per side. It was totally delicious, so tender and just perfect! Mr. really enjoyed it.

I wrote this review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about Strauss Free Raised Veal. I received free product to keep for this review. All opinions for this review are that of myself & family. Product info & stock images provided by PR. Thank you!!

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