Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do you use bar stools? Plus, our kitchen before and after!

the after

I don't think I've ever show you our remodeled kitchen (well it's not OURS, we're renting), but the landlords were very gracious letting us choose what we like (speaking of them, Mr. just called from their house as I'm typing, haha)! Anyways, I knew I wanted light colors with darker brown tones. The floor tiles have brown swirls in them (Tuscan style), my back-splash will be dark brown and cream color tiles (still have to do those, see below), my cupboards are a pretty off white and my counter tops are a Maui Quartz (sand color) LG Hi Mac. So for the dining area I'd love to get a darker table (trying to make the darker woods the accent tones), but we also have a counter to sit at (so excited!).

We don't currently have stools, because I wanted something more special than those chincy regular round ones in a light wood color. So I saw CSN Stores has a huge selection of all sort of bar stools, not just regular one, but adjustable bar stools too (well we do have that pink one there, but we need 3)! Those would be fun for the kids, huh (as Momma rolls her eyes).
However the ones I have my eyes on are these below. Nice and simple, the color I like and a wider seat so the kids won't fall off. These are much more affordable than in the stores here, and they come with free shipping! When I order a few of these, I'll have to show out another after shot of how they fit into our dining area.

How about you? Are you lucky to get to use bar stools at your counter or even luckier, an island? I am so happy we're finally in a place that we get to.

Saddle Seat 29" in Walnut

I wrote this pre-review for "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" about CSN STORES. I will receive free product to keep for this review from CSN Stores. All opinions for this review are that of myself & family. Product info & stock images provided by PR or Co.

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ButterYum said...

I got saddle stools like the one you have pictured, then my MIL followed suit. They are so comfortable to sit on.

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