Friday, June 14, 2013

YummyHealth, YummySwaps Snacks: 25 Winners! Giveaway and Review

YummySwaps™ by YummyHealth are a line of yummy-but-healthier snacks and beverages that you can swap in for your family's favorite junk foods without a fight. Typical snack foods on the market today (even many so-called healthy ones) are often loaded with sugars and processed starches that turn directly into even more sugar after they're eaten causing some not so healthy side effects. So swap out those snacks for these healthier ones and they may be surprised and not miss the junk.

YummySnack Bars come in a Chocolate Blast flavor we all enjoyed. This Better-Than-Candy Bar™ is lower in sugar than the leading candy bars and is also high in fiber, with 100mg of Omega 3s. Energizing nourishment from real foods like coconut, cocoa, flax seed and almond butter, but tastes so good the kids won't miss the junk! It's also gluten-free and has no high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial flavors, preservatives or food dyes.

I took all these snacks to the track for us to munch on. Since it gets warm up there, I decided to put these bars in the toy hauler fridge to cool. We loved them chilled! I love coconut and thought these reminded me of those big name brand coconut chocolate bars. We were a little sad there were only three to share for the five of us lol.

Instead of processed wheat, corn or potatoes, YummySnack Chips are made of 99% real Wisconsin cheese, and a touch of wholesome seasonings. There are no hydrogenated oils, trans fats, gluten, or artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives in these chips. YummySnack Chips come in Cheddar, Nacho and Pizza flavor.

These reminded me of mini mini rice cake-looking snacks. They are crunchy and they certainly have flavor (though I thought the pizza flavor was overpowering), these just weren't really a favorite snack for us.

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OneUniqueQueen said...

Yum! They all look delicious!! I want to try them all. =) But the YummySnack Chocolate Blast Bar looks super yummy! I'd try that one first!

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