Monday, March 3, 2008

Hawaiian Coconut Bread

Here's another one for a taste of the Hawaiian Islands! I found a bread machine recipe for Hawaiian Coconut Bread at this site. My bread machine quit baking, so I made the dough in it as directed, then put it in a bread loaf pan and baked it about 45 minutes at 325'. I made 2 loafs since I had enough of the pineapple and juice leftover. The bread was very moist, but didn't have much flavor. *sigh*

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Jeena said...

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JenHunsaker said...

Hey there Rachelle,

I noticed your comment about your Hawaiian Coconut Bread and how it didn't have much flavor. I have just the recipe for you to try. Go to your library and check out this book: “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice” by Peter Reinhart. He has a bread in that book titled, Portuguese Sweet Bread (or Hawaiian Sweet Bread). It is awesome. It tastes a lot like the King's Hawaiian rolls (but made into a bread). Let me know how it turns out. (I can send you the recipe via email, but I don't really want to post it online since I don't know the implications of posting a recipe from a book. Let me know if you'd like it that way.)

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