Monday, April 14, 2008

Double Chocolate Crackle Cookies

I was craving some chocolate cookies, and went on a search until I figured what kind I was wanting. I found a recipe for Chocolate Crackle Cookies and knew this was it. I decided to triple that batch, since we have so many cookie monsters around here. I also made them even more decadent by adding in some chocolate chips, about 1 cup. These turned out great, crackly outside, soft chewy inside. Boy, one alone will cure any chocolate craving! A triple batch gave me about 3 1/2 dozen cookies from my tablespoon size scooper. I baked them at 325' for 10-11 minutes.

(fyi-I do not recommend this scooper)

Her favorite job! She's my cookie ball roller.

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6 Lovely Comments:

Priscilla said...

Oh, yummy! Being a chocolate fan these would satisfy a chocolate craving!!

swainsRus said...

You are the goddess in every PMS sufferer's eyes! I thank you Queen Rachelle! You have made my monthly chocolate cravings that much sweeter.

Hannah said...

I often have one or two helpers in the kitchen with me to. lol.
I have a feeling they will love these!

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