Friday, April 4, 2008

My Lemon Olive Oil Madeleine Treats

Last week, Aran at Cannelle Et Vanille's Blog, was doing a giveaway for some of her Lemon Olive Oil Madeleines. I was the chosen lucky winner of these wonderful little treats! She baked them off and sent them my way. They arrived at my door pretty quick and I didn't waste any time enjoying these. They came in a cute little box adorned with a ribbon, and a special little Thank You note. I was kind enough to share with the whole family, and everyone loved them! If you've never had madeleines (like me, because I thought they were a cookie), they are like mini loafs of pound cake. Mmm. Thanks Aran! Be sure to check out her blog for more treats she bakes up!

So take the time to leave a comment! You might be the lucky one to receive a treat! : )

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4 Lovely Comments:

Aran said...

Aww... rachelle... thank you for blogging about the madeleines. Those are some beautiful photos you took! I'm glad you enjoyed the madeleines. They are considered a cookie but in fact, they are sponge cakes.

swainsRus said...

I have never tried them either! I will have to get my grubby fingers on some! Some how I missed this post! Congrats and love the photos as well!

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