Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Late Night Chit Chat

Let me end tonight with a shout-out and a Thank You to a fellow food blogger who I've met along the way of the food blogospehere, who is so wonderful and kind. She's always there to leave a comment on your blog or photos, boosting up your morale. Elle passed along the award of Excellence to me for my little blog, what a sweet heart she is! Thank you so much! So go check her out, and tell her I sent ya! Her blog is Elle's New England Kitchen.

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3 Lovely Comments:

Elle said...

Thanks for the shout out, and you and your blog totally deserve this one! You do such a great job with it, from the food to the photos--it's all goooood. :)

familyRus...4ever said...

It's cause she knows that you ROCK!! She knows that you are equally loveable. Congrats on your award~ you earned it and deserve the kudos!!

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