Thursday, July 3, 2008

Madeleines With A Twist Of Lemon Glaze

Madeleines With A Twist Of Lemon Glaze

These are the Lavender Madeleines, take 2. Here are some tips that I've come up with to help produce little beauties.

Make this batter before bed, let it sit in the fridge overnight. When scooping the now thicker batter, which I prefer, I used just under 1 Tablespoon amount for each mold. Anymore more, and they bake too big, I know. Bake the pan directly on the oven rack (for about 6-8 minutes at 350'), this helped give me great humps. When I used a baking sheet under the pan, my humps were not so big. I then glazed them with a simple lemon glaze of 1 Cup powdered sugar, 3 Tbl lemon juice, and 2 Tbl water mixed well. Let dry.

When I made the chocolate Madeleines, I didn't refrigerate 1 batch and baked it off right away. I wanted to see if the whole cold thing helps with the humps. Mine were flat. For the rest of that batch, I did put it in the fridge, and got some sort of shapely hump, but not much. My conclusion is because there wasn't baking powder in the recipe for those. No, I did not take pictures of them, they were flat and not pretty.

I need to find me a pan with more defined scallops, those are really pretty.

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Zita said...

Yap...those madeleines are beautiful thank's for sharing your tips, want to make it soon :)

cakebrain said...

yum! great looking madeleines. The glaze looks perfect for these beauties!

floridagirlinsydney said...

I got a madeleine pan about a year ago and have yet to use it-- I'm going to try this this week!

Katie said...

These Lemon Madeleines are great. A perfect treat on a summer day.

Elle said...

Those look beautiful! You take such gorgeous photos.

I've passed an award along to you. ;)

Nicole said...

Those madeleines look absolutely scrumptious. I just got a new pan, and now I think I know what I'm making tomorrow.

Thanks for the tips too. It will make baking them easier. I'll prepare the batter tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

I think your food and photos are just great. Cheers, Janet

familyRus...4ever said...

OMW!!! I know I don't get on your site much, sorry, mainly it's b/c things are so crazy here w/the move and all. Also, b/c when I do I always get hungry and w/ all the packing there is noo-o way to bake, nor any room. Now that I am at my mom's for a little bit we are going to try some of your recipes. These are gorgeous and it just disgusts me that your food attempts yield such graceful, lovely looking food! You must be more patient and loving than I. (I already knew that though)

Chef Ruff said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and for the blueberry muffin complement--MommyHungry I challenge you to a bake-off ;-)
Denver Cooking Examiner-Rachel Ruff

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