Monday, February 2, 2009

My Valentine! Winner Announced!

I loved reading every one's Valentine's Day responses, sounds there are some special people out there!

Ok, so here is the winner of my Valentine's Giveaway! I choose to do it in a video form -I hope it works-, just to show I was playing fair :) (please ignore me, it's late and I was trying to be quiet, plus I hate hearing myself talk so...)

or try here to view.

Congrats Michelle #69! watch for my email!

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5 Lovely Comments:

Grammy Blick said...

Congratulations! A successful contest is always a winner. Well done.

Shel said...

I got my goodie bag the other day and it's fantastic! Thank you so much and I'm fending off children who want MY candy.

Your video was cute, even though you emailed me to tell me I won..I had to watch.

Thank you again and have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

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