Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Lemon Cup Custard

This week we baked custard, Bridget of The Way the Cookie Crumbles chose these for us. I played around with Dorie's recipe, making half the batch lemon-lavender and the other half coffee-cinnamon.

This was such an easy recipe and came together so well. I baked mine for just over 50 minutes to ensure they weren't jiggly (as my memory of the soupy Crème Brûlée came to mind). They were perfect texture even better after refrigeration. These are very much Flan like, and since most TWDers mentioned how eggy they were, I choose to play around with the flavors.

I went with lemon-lavender because I really liked the flavor of these Lavender Madeleines I made before. I made the coffee ones for the Mr. and I and the lemon ones for the kiddos. Sadly, their review of them was not what I was hoping for. They did not like them. I thought they were OK, they certainly weren't eggy though, I'm just not a huge fan of Flan or this case baked custard. I like my custard warm and pourable, over apple pie or a filling for an eclair.

Hey TWD/Flickr fans! Did you know there are Dorie fan clubs to share your TWD photos? Yeah, there's one HERE and HERE! Check them out.

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16 Lovely Comments:

Leslie said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Like you, I am not a huge custard fan, but the scent of Lemon Lavender sends me!


Cristine said...

I don't like the texture of flan, either. But give me some custard in an eclair and I'm good to go!

vibi said...

Woah! Rachelle! What beautiful pictures! It seems custard inspires you!!! LOL ... the one with the rinds coming out of the milk is crazy!

...and your results are pretty darn nice!

Leslie said...

They look wonderful! I'm glad you tried the lemon with lavender!

Pollyanna said...

Oh my gosh I love your playing around versions! Your pictures are so nice!!

Thanks for your comments too;)

The Food Librarian said...

How creative are you! What a great way to add so much flavor to your dish! Looks wonderful.

Tracey said...

Your photos are wonderful! I made the espresso cinnamon combination and loved the flavors but wasn't a fan of the texture.

Teanna said...

Sorry you weren't a fan, but it looks delicious! And thanks for sharing those TWD fan club links!

TeaLady said...

OOOOH! Lemon Lavendar sounds devine. I wish I had thought of that. Next time!! I liked them but I like custard. Sorry you didn't care much for them. Maybe the next one....

farah said...

Mmm, lemon and lavender. I never would have thought of it but it sounds and look delish!

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