Friday, August 29, 2008

A Simple Dish

A reader of my entry at Just Baking was inquiring about the dish I used to plate the Mango Bread. It's a simple rectangular ceramic glazed dish that's about 15x7". There aren't any markings to tell who what or when about it so I can only wonder if it was handmade by someone. There is a slight wobble in it when layed down. The pattern around the edge are roses and leaves. I found this little gem at a second hand store, where I have also found many other dishes seen on my blog. They have become my little collection, and for just a couple dollars each, sometimes less than $1, it's an affordable hobby. I just need some extra shelves to hold them all now.

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RecipeGirl said...

Great idea to look at 2nd hand stores. I never think to do that. I usually check out the clearance sections and pick up some good buys there... especially HomeGoods. I'm a platter- hoarder... I have so many!

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